Thursday, October 17, 2013

Gender Reveal Party

One of the most exciting points on the timeline of pregnancy is finding out the gender of the baby! I know some people would rather wait and be surprised about the gender when they actually give birth, but my personality as a planner just won't allow me to wait. It's still a surprise to me when I do find out, and a gender reveal party makes it that much more fun!

Choo Choo's or TuTu's? 

With our first child, we found out the gender in the ultrasound room, then had a party to tell everyone else, but we found that this time, we wanted to get in on the fun as well. After looking at Pinterest, and finding the perfect way to reveal baby's gender this time, my husband and I decided to find out with everyone at the party instead of inside the ultrasound room.

On Thursday, October 10, we had our appointment and go to see little punkin' on the screen, but we had the ultrasound tech seal up the gender for us. I delivered the gender to a friend and had her prepare our reveal method.

I've seen cakes, balloons, cupcakes, and all kinds of cute ideas, but when I came across the silly string idea on Pinterest, I could not choose a better way to reveal.

We had my friend wrap the correct color of silly string (pink or blue) in paper and remove the lids. She wrapped the cans in a box and we waited until it was time to open the package.

For the party, we invited our family over to celebrate with us, and each member of the family got their own can of silly string. We proceeded to our back yard where the family encircled the three of us, and on count, everyone covered us in silly string at the same time.

It took a moment to realize that this crazy stuff flying at us was PINK! IT'S A GIRL! We were sooooooo excited (except for O, the silly string scared him a little)! It was so much fun to wait and find out with everyone else.

My sister-in-law asked me if it was better and worth the wait to find out with the family instead of the ultrasound room - My answer - YES! Sure, in the middle of a crowd of family squirting silly string at you, it is difficult to have an intimate moment of celebration with your husband, but you don't really get that with the tech in the room at the doctor either.

Well, that's that. Little girl is set to arrive March 5 (or earlier!) and we cannot wait to meet her!