Monday, February 18, 2013

Makeover for Monday!

Ok, folks! Here are the pictures from my closet makeover! A special thanks to my Dad who did all the work  and made it possible!

I definitely knew that my closet needed some work. It seemed as though I was wasting too much space. In addition, I really wanted a snazzy place to put my shoes. My sister-in-law's closet inspired me to make most of these changes.

Here's a shot of the "before":

Pretty much a lot of chaos in there! I have bins on the shelf for more shoes and junk.

My Side of the closet and Hubby's side of the closet - crammed in there for sure!

Things just weren't flowing well in here at all! 

So, I gutted it out and started over!
I moved the main shelf up and added another to double my hanging space all the way across. I kept the two side shelves on the left, and Dad installed some nice shoe shelves for me on the left! Yay for shoes!
My shoe shelves! (sorry the blog pic uploader keeps turning this pic sideways)

Now to load the closet again!
Making use of the doors - Here's my homemade necklace storage. Just a cork board, fabric, and push pins! I love it. 

My husband's ties and hats hang on the second door. Yes, he has a lot of ties, but he has to wear one 6 days a week! 
Oh, yes! That's much better! My half on the left and hubby's on the left. I love that all that mumble jumble floor clutter is gone!

My purses sit on the top shelf, then my shoes! Yay!

It is so much neater and less stressful now! We were also able to add my husband's polos to the closet - They were previously hanging out in the guestroom. 

Well, that's my closet makeover! What do you think?

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