Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tuesday Tune-Up: Drop Your Drawers!

Drop Your Drawers! Literally! If they look anything like this picture, you need to dump them out and start over!

One of my organizing goals for January was to revamp my drawers! Yes, they did look this horrible! Yikes! Talk about a nightmare when I was looking for something specific. A drawer like this can almost be rendered useless - it's entirely impractical. If you are suffering from a similar drawer disorder, allow me to share some tips with you that made my drawer space functional and organized (and it didn't even take much time). 

Tip #1: It is best to have only one layer of clothing per drawer. This is a rule that I NEVER lived by until I saw it on an organizer's blog a while back. I started to apply this practice to my underwear drawer and then my t-shirt drawer. Now, I've applied it to almost every drawer. Why? Keeping only one layer allows me to see everything in the drawer when I open it. I don't have to do digging to the bottom to find my pink cami.

Tip #2: The roll effect - To achieve the one layer rule, use the roll folding effect and neatly stack each article of clothing from front to back. 

I "rolled" my camis in a tri-fold with the spaghetti straps neatly tucked away on the interior. 

Tip #3: Organize according to color and style.  As you can see from the picture above, I put all of my whites together, then blacks, then followed with the colored camis. Finally, I put my ribbed tanks on the far right. 

Tip #4: Get rid of what you don't need. Anytime you dump a drawer, be sure not to put anything back that you don't wear. De-clutter by getting rid of what you do not need or do not wear! 

The finished product is a functional drawer that you won't dread opening!

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