Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tuesday Tune-Up: You've Got Mail!

That's right! You've got mail! and you probably get it every day like me. The question is, do you want to reach in your mailbox and get it out? My husband usually checks the mail as part of his routine when he gets home from work, so I don't get a close-up look at it too often. However, last time I was working on the flowers around the mailbox, I noticed the icky condition of my mail container. My mind immediately thought, "I wonder what the mailman thinks about this!" The outside of my home and the mailbox is really all there is to testify of my cleanliness to the mailman. Disgusted by the green growing on my white vinyl mailbox, I got out the cleaning supplies and shined it right up!

Now it looks fresh and clean! Of course, I try to keep on close watch on it now to make sure it doesn't reach such a state of grossness again - yes, grossness is a word today :)

If your mailbox is wood, it may need a light power wash, stain, or coat of paint. Whatever kind of mailbox you have, make sure it stays clean!

Happy Cleaning!

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