Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tuesday Tune-Up: Project Organize

It's a fresh new year...I love January because there is just something in the air that screams, "NEW START!" Personally, I love to set January aside as Organization month. It's out with the old and in with the new. Or maybe, it's spice up the old and make it new to you! So, here's your challenge for this week. Make a list of a few big organizing projects that need to take place in your home. Hey, maybe you only have time for one - GREAT! Write it down and devise a plan to get that specific area or areas organized this month. Write down   the area, what you would like to see done in this area, and what items you may need to purchase to make this happen.

Might I add that you can find some great smaller organizing bins at your local DollarTree. Recently I have purchased some items online at a much cheaper price than the store had for storage containers and organizing bins.

Here's what is on my list for January (I'm hoping to add a few more, but I'm definitely going to finish these).
* Master Closet - Our master closet is technically a "walk-in" meaning I can step into it, but it is not deep at all, just wide. Therefore, I am going to move shelves around, add a shelf, and build a shoe-rack to optimize my space and make it organized and beautiful.

*Freezer - Opening my freezer right now makes me cringe! I hate to even look in there because everything is everywhere! There has got to be a better way! Thus my goal to get it organized :)

* Laundry Room - Mine is more like a laundry closet. My plans include adding a shelf and some bins to keep everything accessibly in its place.

* Baby Toys and Clothes - This definitely falls under the category of out with the old and in with the new. This is actually a project I've already completed this month but I think it is a must for anyone with kids. Baby boy received lots of new clothes and toys for Christmas, and to make room for them, we cleaned out all of his clothes that he is growing out of and boxed up the baby toys that he really doesn't play with anymore. Yeah - It was time to put away the baby swing and the bouncer too.

* Clothes Drawers - I want all of the clothes in my drawers to be easily accesible, easy to see, and easy to store without having to cram and dig when I put things in or pull them out. Whew!

I've spent some time looking for ideas on how to organize these spaces and wanted to share some links with you - maybe it will ignite the itching to organize! For the kitchen (and lots of other spaces) I love this site! click here She is so well organized - I envy her!

 For book storage - I have actually adopted this idea in my pantry, using these for my recipe books. I've also thought about using them in the kids' rooms for books. click here .

This site has tons of ideas for organizing and maximizing your home. click here . I could spend hours on this site. Lots of pin-worthy ideas found here.

I would love to hear back from you! Let me know what project you plan to tackle and a before and after pic would really make my day!

I'll be posting my own before and afters as well! Happy Organizing!

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