Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tuesday Tune-Up: "Base"ic of Fall Cleaning

Fall. It ignites my inner cleaning woman...haha...yeah, it really does! One of the must-dos on my fall cleaning schedule (more to come on fall cleaning later) is cleaning the baseboards. Until this week, cleaning baseboards involved a bucket, a rag, and some hot soapy water. Needless to say, it was a very tedious process (one that I didn't exactly look forward to) that could get very messy. 

Thanks to my newest almost-addiction -- Pinterest, I found a new and much faster, less messy way to clean baseboards. Simply use a dryer sheet! Yes, it is that simple! This week I cleaned all of the baseboards in my house in about an hour (remember I'm watching a very mobile 11-month old)! As long as it hasn't been years since you've cleaned your baseboards, the dryer sheets should revolutionize your baseboard cleaning! The sheets pick up and hold onto the dust all while leaving a barrier that dust does not want to cling to! Yes! I know what you are thinking....This is AWESOME! 

Here's a look at the dirt that my sheets collected. 
Yuck! is correct...but think...that dirt is no longer camping out on my baseboards! 

Do your baseboards need a cleaning? Schedule about an hour, grab a few dryer sheets, and voila! 
Happy Cleaning!

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