Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesday Tune-Up: Shut the Front Door!

About a month ago, I was in a serious cleaning mode (something that fall weather just seems to do to me) and as I was coming in the side door to our house, I was suddenly taken back by the condition of the door and everything around it. No, it was not dilapidated or rotting away, but it did have a nice coat of dust, dirt, and grime on it. And Oh, the cobwebs around the light fixtures...YUCK!

Naturally, I had to do something about it...I took out my cleaning bucket and rag and went to town wiping off all of my exterior doors. Surprisingly, it didn't take long at all to give the doors a good wipe-down and knock down the cobwebs with my outdoor broom. To prevent the cobwebs from being back in place the next morning (those persistent little spiders), I sprayed some spider repellent where the cobwebs had been. My outside doors look fresh and ready to brave the rest of the fall season.

Now, the question is...what do your doors look like? Take time this week to give them a quick wipe down! That's this Tuesday's Tune-Up! Happy Cleaning!

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