Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tuesday Tune-Up: Look Up

Give your ceiling fan some credit. If your summer was anything like the summer here in good ole central NC, then your fan did some hard work for you this year. Chances are as the weather gets cooler (which is a nice change) your fan is taking a well-deserved break. But just like you need a bath after hard physical labor, your ceiling fan would appreciate one as well. Grab your stepstool and duster and clean the fan (I recommend you clean it while it is at rest. Trying to clean while it is awake can result in losing and painful fight for you..haha). I like to use my dry Swiffer wipes or the Swiffer 360 to clean off my fans. Just make sure you clean the who fan, not just the blades. And while you are up there, check to see if any light bulbs need replacement.

Thanks for enduring my personificiation of the ceiling fan! Happy Cleaning!

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