Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Tuesday Tune-Up: Wash, Dry, Fold, and Sweep?

No, don't sweep your clothes, Silly! When is the last time you swept and mopped behind your washer and dryer? It's easy to clean around these wonderful appliances if you have a laundry room, but get behind them and clean out at least twice a year! I do not have a fully laundry room, I have a laundry closet (something that I definitely plan to change with my next house). In order for me to clean out, I get hubby to pull the washer and dryer out of the closet so I can get in and clean it. Dust collects from your dryer and builds up, and I always find a few "run-away" socks and stray items back there.

So how about it? Do you need to do some cleaning today? Take a few minutes and take care of it! Happy Cleaning!

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