Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Tuesday Tune Up: Junk Drawer

Hello! So sorry that this post is a day late this week. I simply think I forgot yesterday was Tuesday! Yes, my brain is in that funk lately!

This week's Tuesday Tune-Up features the infamous JUNK DRAWER! AAAAHHHHH! Yes - This is what I used to say when I opened it. Actually, I think it bothered my husband more than it bothered me. I caught on that something needed to be done about it after ten or so comments about his not being able to find anything in this drawer. As a result - Voila! an organized junk drawer.

I've been doing quite a bit of reading on the topic of organizing since this month for me is focused on organization. One of the main methods taught about purging is keep only what is useful. The junk drawer is a place to keep odds and ends that are useful to a particular space. My junk drawer is purposed for downstairs gadgets in my home. As you can see, I can quickly grab what I need without having to search. 

Starting from the back left: I purchased a muffin pan at the DollarTree to house my paper clips, rubber bands, etc. My desk is super small and does not have space for these things. Candle lighters fit nicely in the space leftover beside the muffin pan.
I then have a small bin for batteries. With a toddler's toys, batteries are normally in high demand. Now, I have easy access to them.
The next small bin houses adhesives and my side bin contains pens and markers. 

Ta-Da! A drawer that is functional and no longer lives up to its junky name! 

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