Wednesday, September 5, 2012

August Adventures

Wow! August has been a CRAZY month for me and the fam. We started the month with Owen's first official vacation. Atlanta was our destination for three days with the whole Rabon crew. Stone Mountain, a tour of Turner Field, and an Atlanta Braves game filled the schedule of our short trip. We did have a blast though and it was the only small getaway we had this summer.

Of course without any breaks between our mini vacation and youth conference, we left with our teens on Sunday night to head to youth conference for the week (Yes, we took Owen, but Nana tagged along to keep him during the day - lifesaver!). It was a wonderful week and God worked in the hearts of our teenagers!

The next weekend we held our annual Different Student Ministries Kick-off Retreat. This was followed by RCA's High School Retreat at camp for three days. - Whew! At this point I feel like the teens' momma - Haha!

And finally, we finished off the month by traveling to Murfreesboro, TN where Phil was invited to preach at Franklin Road Baptist Church's opening teen revival. It was wonderful to see the work and ministry of Franklin Road and we thoroughly enjoyed our week there as God worked in the hearts of their teens.

Now September is here, and although we won't be traveling quite as much, the calendar is still almost full :) But as I said to a friend this week, "What fun is life if your plate isn't full?" I'm thankful for all of the busyness in my life! Now, on to September! (And welcome back the Pumpkin Spice Latte!)

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