Friday, September 21, 2012

Waiting til' "I Do"

I read this article on fox news and just had to share it! We are so bombarded by a culture that pushes young couples into losing their virginity at an early age. Not only am I against having sex outside of marriage for all of the health and safety reasons, but more importantly, I believe it is biblically wrong. God set up the physical relationship shared between a man and wife, and He created it to be a beautiful experience that continues to grow as a man and woman spend their lives together in marriage.

(Click here to read article)

Like the author of this article, I too can say that waiting until my wedding night was well worth it! I would not trade the decision for anything. Call it old-fashioned, judgmental, crazy, whatever you want, you will never convince me that I did not do it the right way. I have an amazing husband and life gets better and better as we grow closer together - We have a trust and intimacy that I believe would be missing had we not waited until we said our vows to celebrate our oneness as husband and wife.

Moms, read this article to you children! Let them know that "everyone is NOT doing it!" and that they too can enjoy a guilt-free marriage one day and get married the right way!

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