Saturday, March 9, 2013

High Five for Friday!

I'm starting something new! Yes, I have my regular "Tuesday Tune-Up" post, but I've decided to occasionally add "High Five for Friday" and link up with some pretty cool bloggers that do the same. My first "High Five" experience came through reading after Kate. To be honest, I loved this idea! With my limited blogging knowledge, I thought this was original with her and wouldn't dare plagiarize such a catchy recurring post.

Of course, I later found out that Lauren hosts a HFFF link party every week! Hello! That's when I pondered joining up! Now, I'm taking the plunge. Don't expect a HFFF every single week (kinda like I take a break from TT every now and then), but they will come often! I'm excited about it.

This week was very busy, and full of new things for me. Small things that just make life exciting.

1) I learned to crochet. I love to learn new things and this week I did! One of the teens in our youth group has a red infinity crocheted scarf. I loved it the first time I saw it and immediately wanted to replicate it. I already know how to knit, but knitting just wouldn't give it quite the right look. Determined to make the scarf myself, I went to Michael's, purchased a skein of yarn, a basic crochet needle, and then watched several informative youtube videos to learn how to crochet. The result? Well, I made this scarf two and a half times. Finally, I got it the way I wanted it (though I'll admit it was a tad bit long). Voila! Here it is! Aren't you proud? Just don't look too closely...there are many missed stitches. But, Hey! it's my first crocheted project, so I'm proud of it!

2) I tried a new lipstick. Revlon's Tutti Frutti lip butter! Coral is definitely in, I just wasn't sure how it would look on my lips. Really, I'm not a lipstick person, but this lip butter is super moist and the color - I like it!

3) I reached my pre-pregnancy weight! This is was completely thrilled about! I had those leftover pounds hanging around until I joined a gym in January. Since I've been working out, I've dropped 7 lbs! This week I hit that pre-prego weight, but my goal is to loose a couple more pounds. 

4) I also started a new session of Bible study with my junior and senior high teen girls. We met for 8 weeks in the fall and just started a new 8 week session for the spring. We are studying Lies Young Women Believe, and the study has gotten off to a great start! I'm praying for the Lord to use His Word to speak to our hearts and replace lies with the truth!

5) I had the opportunity to substitute teach this week. Subbing is fun, but I'm definitely nowhere near ready to go back to teaching full time. (Yep! I was a full-time middle/high school English teacher before little man). 

 Well, that's my week at a glance! High Five For Friday everyone!

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