Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Can you believe that it is time for Spring Cleaning already? I can't. Semi-annual cleanings can always seem like such a daunting task, but I always feel so awesome about my house when the cleaning is complete!

My Spring Cleaning takes place in March and April. Guess what. It's March which means it is time to get busy! I'm starting this week.

Before starting the seemingly overwhelming task of Spring Cleaning, take some time to organize your approach. In the past, I used to simply start in one room and see how far I could go. However, by not organizing my cleaning, I would inevitably miss something.

To keep this from happening to you, start by making a list. Go room by room and write down everything that needs to be cleaned or touched up in that specific room. This is how you will form your checklist. Don't leave off hallways and closets - they need attention too!

Once you have your list, organize your products. Get everything you need to get the cleaning done. I have several favorite products for specific needs, but I'm slowing making the switch to natural, homemade cleaners. Select just a few that will cover your needs. There is no point in lugging around a box of cleaning supplies.

Set a time goal. Give yourself and window of time in which you would like to have your cleaning completed. Schedule certain days that you can simply tackle some of the larger projects.

Then, start cleaning! Here's my cleaning checklist. I adapted it and made it my own while copying a model from a blog that I follow. The key to your checklist is making it your own. No one has the same house, therefore everyone's list should include some variation. But, if you need help getting started, take a peek at mine.


o     Dust lighting fixtures and ceiling fan.
o     Dust furniture.
o     Clean lampshades.
o     Clean mini blinds.
o     Wash windows and window sills. Take out and wash window screens.
o     Wash switch plates.
o     Wash walls and trim.
o     Wash doors and doorknobs.
o     Wash vent covers.
o     Switch out winter clothes for summer clothes in closet.
o     Clean out drawers and neatly replace clothes.
o     Get rid of anything you didn’t wear this year.
o     Vacuum closet floor.
o     Move bed. Sort and put away what you can. Vacuum under bed.
o     Launder bedding and curtains.
o     Freshen mattress by sprinkling with baking soda, letting sit briefly, and them vacuuming it up.
o     Wash mirrors.
o     Replace light bulbs.
o     Vacuum room.


o     Empty cabinets and vanity. Wash inside. Discard expired products. Replace items neatly.
o     Wash outside of cabinets and vanity.
o     Clean tub. Wax if necessary. Clean out drain.
o     Clean sink and drain.
o     Shine faucets.
o     Clean mirror and frame.
o     Wash light bulbs.
o     Dust light fixtures.
o     Dust blinds.
o     Wash windows and window sills.
o     Wash screens.
o     Wash switch plates.
o     Wash walls and trim.
o     Wash doors and knobs.
o     Sweep and mop floors.
o     Reseal grout lines.
o     Caulk if needed.


o     Wash windows and sills.
o     Wash screens.
o     Clean mini blinds.
o     Cabinets and drawers: Remove items, clean inside of cabinet/drawer, return items and organize them.
o     Wash and sanitize cutting boards.
o     Wash outside of cabinets including knobs.
o     Wash the tops of the cabinets and dust accessories.
o     Wash doors.
o     Dust light fixtures.
o     Clean oven.
o     Clean stove top. Remove drip pans and clean.
o     Clean and organize fridge and freezer. If necessary, defrost freezer.
o     Roll out the fridge and stove to clean under and behind them.
o     Vacuum refrigerator coils.
o     Clean microwave inside and out.
o     Clean toaster.
o     Clean and descale coffee pot.
o     Wipe down all appliances.
o     Sanitize counter tops.
o     Wash and shine sink.
o     Clean drain and garbage disposal.
o     Clean dishwasher.
o     Sweep and mop floor.
o     Wash kitchen mats/rugs.
o     Clean the garbage can inside and out.


o     Wash curtains.
o     Wipe down table and chairs.
o     Dust furniture.
o     Empty China cabinet and dust inside. Replace items.
o     Shine silverware.
o     Dust art.
o     Wash mirrors.
o     Wash windows and window sills.
o     Wash window screens.
o     Wash blinds.
o     Wash switch plates.
o     Wash walls and trim.
o     Wash doors and door knobs.
o     Clean floors.


o     Vacuum sofas.
o     Spot clean sofas.
o     Launder throw pillows and blankets.
o     Dust shelves, furniture, and d├ęcor.
o     Clean lamps and lampshades.
o     Wash windows and sills.
o     Wash window screens.
o     Clean television screen.
o     Carefully dust electronics.
o     Tidy electronic wires.
o     Organize DVDs, magazines.
o     Sanitize hard plastic toys.
o     Launder stuffed toys.
o     Wash switch plates.
o     Wash walls and trim.
o     Clean floors.


o     Pull out washer and dryer.
o     Clean behind and under washer and dryer.
o     Wash outside of washer and dryer.
o     Wash inside of washing machine.
o     Wash lint trap.
o     Clean out dryer hose.
o     Wash doors and trim.
o     Clean floor.


o     Empty coat closet.
o     Clean floors and discard any unused items.
o     Organize coat closet.
o     Clean doors and wash trim.
o     Wash walls.
o     Clean floors.
o     Dust art.


o     Sweep/vacuum stairs.
o     Spot clean walls.
o     Wipe down handrail.
o     Wash baseboard.


o     Sweep porches and walkway.
o     Wash thresholds.
o     Wash exterior doors.
o     Give doors fresh coat of paint if necessary.
o     Clean or replace welcome mat.
o     Power wash vinyl siding.
o     Power wash deck.
o     Stain deck.


o     Clean ceiling fan blades.
o     Organize photos (digitally or into albums).
o     Sort and clean linen closets, utility closets, and office spaces.
o     Dust, clean, organize all bookshelves. 

Look for posts this month that focus on specific cleaning areas and needs. 

Happy cleaning everyone!

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