Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tuesday Tune-Up: All Wrapped Up

I've started my spring cleaning! Yay! I tackled my closets this week (well, all but one) and I moved some things around in my attempt to re-organize a few clutter spots. I really needed some concise storage for my wrapping paper, tissue paper, and gift bags. I remembered that I had posted a few solutions for this on pinterest.

So, I found what I thought was the best tutorial on using a shoe-organizer to create a wrapping paper station.  I followed her steps exactly, making a few material substitutions, so I'm including the link here to the post I followed.

Here's what my finished project looks like!

The only closet I could really use was my coat closet downstairs. Not where I would keep it if I could choose, but really the only place for it. 

The sack I sewed on the bottom holds all of my gift bags. My modification for this was using a ribbon as drawstring instead of elastic on the top (mainly because I didn't have any elastic on hand). 

If you don't have a sewing machine, you can always use an old pillow case and safety pins to create the sack on the bottom. 

Tissue paper and ribbon stored at the top.

My second modification was using 3M hooks instead of the over-the-door hooks provided.

This project is super simple and it's a great way to keep all of those wrapping supplies in one place! 

I'd love to hear about your solutions for organizing wrapping paper! 

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  1. what a great idea for storing your wrapping supplies!
    I love the way it turned out :)
    xo floral&fudge