Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tuesday Tune-Up: Chair Makeover

Meet my office chair. It's gorgeous, antique, and weathered, and I love it!
BUT, I didn't love the fabric on it. What to do? I went searching for leftover fabric from my son's nursery accents, and Voila! I found barely enough blue chevron fabric to cover the cushion! I am in love with my chair's new look! It makes me want to sit in it...haha!

How about you? Is there something around your house that could use an upholstery face lift? Here's how to take on this relatively simple project.

1. Remove the cushion. 

Most cushioned chairs are screwed in on the bottom side. This chair just had four screws I needed to remove.

2. Remove existing fabric. 

Since this piece of fabric was stapled in well, I used a flat-head screwdriver to pop out the staples. You'll want to remove them all to ensure a nice, tight fit for the new fabric. 

3. Prepare new fabric. 

I used the old piece of fabric as a pattern for how much of the new fabric I would need. Cut the fabric and place it face down on the floor. Next, center your cushion face down on the fabric. Make sure it is centered to ensure that your fabric will cover correctly. 

4. Start Stapling. 

To adhere the fabric, all you need is a staple gun. So much fun by the way! Pull the fabric tight and even while stapling every 3 inches. On the corners, you will create one fold - remember, pull tight! 

5. Finish the product. 

After you have completed the stapling, trim the excess fabric, leaving about one inch around the staples. Secure the seat back to the chair and VOILA! You've successfully covered your cushion! 

Here's my new chair! 

 I love love love it! Definitely more fun to sit in a cute chair!

Additional Suggestions:

You could always find a cheap goodwill or thrift accent chair and spruce it up for a fabulous touch in your home!

Add an accent pillow and you are speaking my language!

If you have a chair that needs additional padding, be sure to cut the padding so that it overlays around the edges. If not, you'll be feeling a little bite from the wood's edge every time you sit down :)

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